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NC startup hosts Smart Grid-Hydrogen Economy forum at Duke

Author: Grant Millin | Web Link

August 13, 2007

  • Duke University forum educates decision makers on Smart Grid and H2 infrastructure issues

  • 2008 US DOT Hydrogen Road Tour stopping in Durham and Charlotte, NC (UNCC, 8/16)

  • Forum on Smart Grid and Hydrogen Economies: Technologies, Business and Systems Thinking. Friday, August 15 at Duke University: 12:15 pm - 1:25 pm, Biological Science Building, Rm. 111.

Durham, NC - How will we deploy energy and climate security solutions both as practical technology and as public-private economic activities? How can we best deploy Smart Grid and hydrogen technologies—efficiently linked to renewable energy—with speed, maintain quality, and yet rapidly effect the broadest market space? Preceding the Durham, NC Hydrogen Road Tour (H2RT) stop, the Forum on Smart Grid and Hydrogen Economies, will briefly cover new energy modernization and climate change technologies and strategies. Smart Grid technology, stationary fuel cells and hydrogen production can work well with renewable energy systems like solar and wind.

The US Department of Transportation’s Hydrogen Road Tour is a two-week series of media, VIP and public events throughout the country that demonstrate progress and commitment toward commercially viable, emissions-free hydrogen vehicles and the associated infrastructure. Today, hydrogen is helping promote America’s energy independence, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve air quality while increasing our national security and creating new jobs.

Asheville startups PublicGen and EarthSync provided project management services for the North Carolina H2RT stops. Grant Millin is president of both firms and a forum speaker. This forum is the first public presentation in North Carolina of Progress Energy’s Smart Grid initiative.

In North Carolina, PublicGen, DOE Clean Cities programs in Durham and Charlotte, and additional North Carolina CleanTech stakeholders, will be presenting information to the public, decision makers, and media concerning early examples of fuel cell and hydrogen infrastructure, their efficiencies and capabilities. Currently, the State of North Carolina has no significant fuel cell or hydrogen infrastructure initiatives. This speaker panel will discuss scenarios, projects in development, and technology commercialization examples where Smart Grid, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies may appear for North Carolina. The national and global community possibilities and challenges for Triple Bottom Line applications of these key CleanTech systems will be discussed.

While the Hydrogen Road Tour is focused on hydrogen passenger vehicles, the Smart Grid and H2 forum expands into stationary distributed energy applications. Smart Grid is a mix of an IT revolution in the stationary electrical production industry aligned with nationwide and global acceptance of distributed energy systems like fuel cells, solar, small wind and opportunity fuels. Systems like 250 Kilowatt – 10 Megawatt fuel cells and other combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) systems back up solar and wind for zero or very low emission, 24/7, all-weather power. Of course nothing is more valuable than positive energy usage behavior changes and efficiency. These factors are incorporated in Smart Grid and distributed energy business models.

North Carolina Hydrogen Road Tour '08
Hydrogen Road Tour '08

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