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Sunday, February 25, 2018          10:07 pm EST  
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Response to Asheville 350 negative feedback

Comments in the Asheville Citizen-Times to the story on Asheville 350 since October 24, 2009 have been largely awful. The follow-up to AVL350 is important.

I wrote this:

The majority of the postings to this article do not use evidence and argument. They merely use base bullying tactics, i.e. only they are right and other views are a source of danger.

They imply that the viewpoint of "no anthropogenic climate change" is somehow being thoughtlessly and unfairly ignored. But this position of the US Chamber of Commerce is an old position. That climate change is human-caused, and carbon dioxide is a primary input, was given credence only after many decades of influence-peddling from "no anthropogenic climate change" fans. Scientists and activists had to prove the position that anthropogenic climate change is a real threat and one that will alter civilization and our one and only environment in dangerous ways.

Can all the effects be pinpointed in a perfect analysis? No. But leaders and citizens in democratic societies have to make risk mitigation decisions, or not. Doing nothing in the case of anthropogenic climate change would be the most irresponsible of all of history's unmitigated warnings.


Three Ways the Climate Bill Will Change Your Life

Last June, the House passed the first legislation solely dedicated to reversing global warming. Now the fate of the Climate Change Bill is in the hands of the Senate, and political pundits are predicting the bill won’t pass. This exact bill might not pass but sooner than later one will and until then they will have several things in common. A climate bill will change how we produce and use electricity. It will change how you travel from point A to point B. It will change how every business operates and how every American lives. Our lives will never be the same. Dramatic? Yes. True. Yes.

The passage of this bill will change your life in three ways:

1. It would affect what type of car you can drive - smaller.
2. It would affect how much you pay for energy - more.
3. It would affect what type of job you have - green job.

Energy affects every facet of our lives. When energy prices go up, food prices go up, clothing prices go up..the price for everything we buy gets more expensive. Why? Because our society is intricately intertwined with energy, and energy is intertwined with our economy.

On Saturday during his weekly radio address, President Obama put pressure on the Senate to pass the legislation. “Now my call  [...]

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