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EarthSync Hub recommendation to President Obama: Capitol EM/CCT improvements

Author: Grant Millin

Dear President Obama,

I have a question/request: I would like a project to be initiated before July 4, 2009 to make the White House a LEED Platinum "Green" self-generating power building based on the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) goals. Along with all efficiency measures in terms of weatherization, temp control, solar thermal/solar hot water, solar PV and some wind, a combined heat and power (CHP) fuel cell unit can be included. There are other CHP technologies, but a 250 kilowatt fuel cell system would provide the lowest emissions.

Going further, I am recommending the Capitol Power Plant be redesigned for the latest CHP and DISTRICT POWER engineering design and technical specifications. A large (2+ Megawatt) CHP plant - fully or partially based on fuel cell technology - that provides electricity as well as steam and chilled water to heat and cool the Capitol and area Federal infrastructure would be a premier example of climate change technology. Financing and engineering issues may be challenging, however complexes like the White House and Pentagon can lead with solar-CHP projects.

The US Postal Service, municipal and commercial power systems have been deploying such systems for many years now. American should be informed as to the complete 'Smart Grid' energy solution, beyond solar and wind alone. Opportunity fuels - methane-rich municipal sewage, agricultural and industrial process waste - can help power these systems to cut natural gas usage. Right now I imagine much of the natural gas that is being used by the Capitol Power Plant is being used very inefficiently. Getting off coal is tough, and this project will probably demonstrate the constraints. However, much, much more can be done and the comparative possibilities are worth pursuing. The DOE is aware of the potential and technology commercialization phase of these systems.

EISA and ARRA imply the application of stationary Smart Grid fuel cells, however there is altogether limited policy emphasis or public awareness of Smart Grid fuel cells. The issues and challenges of mobile fuel cell applications are more prevalent in media and politics. I also recommend a greater emphasis on deployment of hydrogen refueling units for fuel cell vehicles, and especially focusing in on fuel cell buses and fuel cell light rail trains. Plug-in vehicle-to-grid systems thinking also applies to electricity producing fuel cell vehicles. The range, versatility and tighter fueling process loop make fuel cell vehicles competitive to battery-only and biofuel transportation solutions. Fuel cell vehicles use batteries, however these are the only vehicles that can also obtain their energy source from a wide range of feedstocks. The California Fuel Cell Partnership and US Fuel Cell council along with DOE and DOT all have great resources on these issues. A recommend a major position in the upcoming energy bill for Smart Grid fuel cells and onsite hydrogen production infrastructure in the form of local public stations using the existing natural gas infrastructure, water electrolysis when prudent, as well as tying into waste-to-energy systems alongside municipal, agricultural and industrial infrastructure as that hydrogen producing technology becomes more prevalent as well.

The total climate change technology p[picture is not easy to describe, and I only mentions piece of a vastly more efficient basis for sustainable civilization. Thank you for taking this perspective in consideration.

By the way, the White House advertised that your Online Townhall Meeting "Open for Questions" system would be available through 3/26. I have a number of issues I would have liked to have voted on. When you be making the system available 24/7/365? It's worth it to budget tax dollars for this great online communications tool.

Best of luck to President Obama and White House staff. I am very pleased we are getting America back on track.


Grant Millin, CEO
The EarthSync Companies: EarthSync/PublicGen, LLC

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