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The Process of Submitting an Article

Author: Nick Chapman | Web Link | PDF Link

June 25, 2008

This is a guide written to explain how to submit an article to EarthSync. Once submitted, the article will be available (after approved by an administrator) on the site for visitors.

  1. Browse to the article submission page.

  2. Fill in all mandatory data, to include: article title and text. Fill in related (optional) information as well such as publication (if the article is published), web-address; search criteria such as category, subject; location information such as continent, country, state/province, county, and city. If the drop down menu doesn't provide an appropriate entry for this information, feel free to write one in in the box to the right. The new information will be saved and loaded into the drop down box upon the next visit to the page. This Link explains why so many fields are needed for a new 'Category' or 'Subject'.

  3. Fill in 'tags' about the article. For this article, tags will include such terms as: tutorial, how to, guide, article submission, earthsync, and nick chapman

  4. Hit 'submit article' and view the verification message. If there is any error in the submission process (if the bold fields are neglected, or any input is invalid), it will be described in the error message. If the submission is successful, a link to 'view the submitted article' will be available so that you can view the article in action.

Thank you for taking time to read this article.

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