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Response to Asheville 350 negative feedback

Author: Grant Millin

Comments in the Asheville Citizen-Times to the story on Asheville 350 since October 24, 2009 have been largely awful. The follow-up to AVL350 is important.

I wrote this:

The majority of the postings to this article do not use evidence and argument. They merely use base bullying tactics, i.e. only they are right and other views are a source of danger.

They imply that the viewpoint of "no anthropogenic climate change" is somehow being thoughtlessly and unfairly ignored. But this position of the US Chamber of Commerce is an old position. That climate change is human-caused, and carbon dioxide is a primary input, was given credence only after many decades of influence-peddling from "no anthropogenic climate change" fans. Scientists and activists had to prove the position that anthropogenic climate change is a real threat and one that will alter civilization and our one and only environment in dangerous ways.

Can all the effects be pinpointed in a perfect analysis? No. But leaders and citizens in democratic societies have to make risk mitigation decisions, or not. Doing nothing in the case of anthropogenic climate change would be the most irresponsible of all of history's unmitigated warnings.

Anthropogenic climate change is happening now, and it is not our only major environmental issue by any means.

What's the difference between this view and that of the bullies? The evidence:

Arctic Sediments Show That 20th Century Warming Is Unlike Natural Variation

ScienceDaily (Oct. 25, 2009) The possibility that climate change might simply be a natural variation like others that have occurred throughout geologic time is dimming, according to evidence in a Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences paper published October 19. []

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