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Interview: AquaSolix President on water purification solutions

AquaSolix President Featured in New Life Journal

AquaSolix Founder, Bob Lantis, was recently interviewed for the “Life’s Leaders” feature in New Life Journal.

The interview as published in New Life Journal, April 2008 Issue: Life’s Leaders

The complete, unabridged interview–

How would you describe yourself and your job? Do you consider yourself a scientist? Researcher? Activist? Have you always worked in this capacity?
Although I’ve never been formally trained as a scientist, my technical (and more recently my socially-oriented) work has required the benefit of a solid scientific approach, including much research activity. Since innovation is impossible without that foundation, my years doing product R&D engineering made me always admire (and strive to think like) a good scientist. I definitely did not always work in that capacity, though; I spent my initial adult years as a musician of sorts. Go figure.

I found my real vocation when I became fascinated with physics, electrical engineering, and product development, returned to school, and started “at the bottom”, working with some great engineers and scientists at a few ground-breaking high-tech companies. I’ve enjoyed working with some amazing people who have  [...]

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