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Sunday, February 25, 2018          10:13 pm EST  
Long Distance Relationships: The Secret for Fuel Cell Success?

The Global Fuel Cell Challenge:

The multiplicity of viable fuel cell applications, breadth of developed and developing technologies and widely varying regional market conditions have created global partnerships among entities with complementary attributes. Although it may seem that domestic liaisons among culturally similar players spawned from fertile academia centric industry clusters should provide the clearest route to success in this struggling industry, it is the intercontinental groupings which are showing the most potential and creating the most buzz. Vertically integrated multi-national partnerships create compelling products.

Global stationary markets in perspective:

• Critical Backup: While Dantherm Power continues pre-commercial demonstration installations with its domestic stack partners, it has chosen Ballard stacks as the basis for its entry into the critical backup market. Ballard Power was already enjoying success with Japanese manufacturer, Ebara. The globally most promising fuel cell stack project involves stack developer IdaTech employing a new technology Ballard stack to secure a large order from India-based system integrator ACME Tele Power Ltd. The other American stack developers in this now  [...]

Three Ways the Climate Bill Will Change Your Life

Last June, the House passed the first legislation solely dedicated to reversing global warming. Now the fate of the Climate Change Bill is in the hands of the Senate, and political pundits are predicting the bill won’t pass. This exact bill might not pass but sooner than later one will and until then they will have several things in common. A climate bill will change how we produce and use electricity. It will change how you travel from point A to point B. It will change how every business operates and how every American lives. Our lives will never be the same. Dramatic? Yes. True. Yes.

The passage of this bill will change your life in three ways:

1. It would affect what type of car you can drive - smaller.
2. It would affect how much you pay for energy - more.
3. It would affect what type of job you have - green job.

Energy affects every facet of our lives. When energy prices go up, food prices go up, clothing prices go up..the price for everything we buy gets more expensive. Why? Because our society is intricately intertwined with energy, and energy is intertwined with our economy.

On Saturday during his weekly radio address, President Obama put pressure on the Senate to pass the legislation. “Now my call  [...]

My letter to Joe Romm

Joe Romm is the editor of Climate Progress and a former Clinton Administration official. His criticisms of important climate change  [...][]

EarthSync Hub recommendation to President Obama: Capitol EM/CCT improvements
Getting our seat of government to the state of a modernized energy and climate change technology system means more than weatherization and solar  [...][]
Cruise the City in the Maya 300 but Don’t Leave Town
“To my knowledge, at this point, ExxonMobil has no interest in putting charging stations at retailer locations,” said Pat Brant, Chief Polymer  [...]
Opinion: Introducing America’s First Transportation Transition Plan
Okay people. I’ve had enough of these willy-nilly government programs and incentives in the transportation market without being given an actual  [...]
NC startup hosts Smart Grid-Hydrogen Economy forum at Duke
  • Duke University forum educates decision makers on Smart Grid and H2 infrastructure issues

  • 2008 US DOT Hydrogen Road Tour stopping  [...]
Simulation Aids Development of First Coal Plants with Near-Zero Emissions
Next-generation plants to produce electricity and hydrogen and sequester carbon dioxide

Near-zero-emission coal plants are in the works to  [...]
Oak Ridge leads DOE INCITE Effort in 2008
Scientific studies on climate change, energy and alternative fuels are among the 30 projects awarded more than 145 million processing hours on  [...]
The Stationary Fuel Cell and Distributed Energy Solution
The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund's "Project 150" effort to develop 150 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy has produced a bid from a fuel cell  [...]
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